The Clam 35L Rotomolded Cooler // 2 Colors


Here ye Here ye! Introducing the Rotomolded CLAM Coolers. These portable freezers keep it real cool. Like Miles Davis type cool, and you don't have to pee your pants to get one (Bill Madison reference* no big deal). 

We call it the Clam because it's got a tight seal and stays shut and only opens up for times of necessary food/drink intake. Did we mention it was Shark Proof? Can't really guarantee that one just yet, but the fine people at URT are working on it.

Keep your bait, your daily catch, your anything cool, calm, and collected. Keep your ice, ice.

Next time you open up the Clam, take something out, and shut the lid. We hope you whisper "Wham, Bam, thank you Clam."

Product Details: 
  • Rotomolded Construction Virtually indestructible
  • 35 L // 9.25 gallons Capacity. Dimensions: 24"x17.5"x16.5"
  • Keeps Ice up to 10 Days Like a portable freezer
  • Shark Resistant Designed to keep bears and sharks out
  • Non-Slip Feet Keeps your cooler in place
  • Integrated Locking System Keep your contents safe
  • Easy Lift Lid Handle Allows quick & easy access
  • Heavy Duty Rubber T-Latches equipped with Bottle Openers.Smooth trouble-free closure
  • Up to 3" Insulated Walls Commercial grade insulating foam
  • Heavy Duty Rope Handles Marine-grade ropes & textured grips
  • Freezer Style Lid Gasket Provides a tight seal
  • Rapid V-Drain System Allows quick draining
  • No Fail Hinges Full Length interlocking hinges
  • Molded Tie Down Slots Keeps your cooler anchored
  • No Sweat Exterior The outside stays dry
  • Cool Lift Design Lifts cooler above the hot surface
  • Molded-In Side HandlesUnbreakable, easy lifting
  • Traction Lid Can be used as a casting platform
  • Easy-Flow Drain Spouts lets the water out, keeps ice in