When we were designing our towel collection, we wanted to have a towel with a dual purpose. Something more than just a rag.  We diagnosed one problem a towel owner faces while in the ocean. Sea Gulls. Yes the sea pigeon is the reason for this creation. 

As lifeguards we've noticed how sea gulls indiscriminately swoop down on recently vacated towels to pick and prod into backpacks and purses for any sign on food. This should never happen to people who live the amphibious life. 

With help from our very robust science department we are using the piercing visual of hawk eyes to scare away and would be thieves. Our scientists have attached many go pros to sea gulls to test the effectiveness, but we have been unable to retrieve the video as the towels have been more effective than we expected.  

32" X 60" slice of heaven

Micro- fiber material

(print is one sided. The other side is colored white.