Have you ever felt a shadow next to you in the ocean? Or have you felt a quick current of water from something that was close and swam away? Have you ever stepped on something slimy, that quickly slithered away? Have you ever felt a warm spot while swimming? These are the feelings that the Creature from the Black Lagoon conjures up. It is that unshakeable feeling like someone is close, but don't worry 'cause URT is even closer. 

Every year URT in celebration of our URT SPOOK: Nighttime Halloween Costume Surf we release a costume shirt. This year it is none other than the Creature. 

From the front it looks like your normal spectacular spooky Ghost-apus, what else would you expect from URT. But pull the bottom hem over your head and boom! Instant costume. 

***Please note that Youth shirts will ship on Wednesday 10/17. 

Children Sizes: XS (2/3) 

M (6/8) 
L (10/12)


  • $26.00