• URT DIG: The Aftermath

    The URT DIG is a competitive hole digging contest that takes place on Coronado Beach, in which contestants choose from 3 divisions to compete in. Plastic (kids 10 and under) Hands/Paws Division (Humans and Dogs can only use what god gave them) and Metal Division. Diggers are given up to 10 minut... View Post
  • URT WOMP: AUG 13TH **Cancelled!!!!

    THE DATE IS SET FOR THE 7TH ANNUAL URT WOMP!! URT's premier bodysurfing competition takes place in late Summer in Coronado Beach where we have the highest chance to be blessed with a strong South Swell that sends Pacific Walls to the Coronado's North Beach. And if there's no surf; there is always King of the Island. View Post

    Bugs Beware. URT celebrates the beginning of Lobster season with their annual Freedive Lobster grab competition. URTs only underwater hunting event takes place on the reefs of Sunset Cliffs in San Diego. Winner winner lobster dinner. View Post

    BEWARE!!! The day before Halloween URT invites out everyone for a FREE event. join URT and the other goblins and ghouls for a unique Halloween costume night surf. View Post

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